This Weeks RC Statement

I try to appreciate the beauty and the wonder in the world around me.

A long time ago there was a holy and wise man who loved God very much. He loved the people too, and wanted them to know how much God loved and cared for them.

He thought about the world and everything in it, how good it was – the rivers and seas full of fish; the skies full of fling creatures; the land full of animals of every shape and size; the earth full of rocks and stones. All these things God had given to people.

He wrote a poem to tell everyone about the goodness of God, and the world.

A reading from the book of Genesis

God said, “Let there be light,” and there was the sun.
God said, “Let there be water,” and there were the seas.
God said, “Let the seas be filled with creatures and the skies be filled with flying creatures.” And they were.
God said, “Let the earth be filled with animals,” and so it was.
God saw that it was good.
So then God created men and women who would love and care for the world.
God looked at all creation and it was very good.

The word of the Lord
Thanks be to God.

A long time ago some people looked at the world and all the things in it and thought it was so wonderful they wanted to praise God for all that God had made They made up songs and poems called psalms to show the wonder and awe of God’s beautiful world. Before we listen to one of these psalms, thank God in your own heart for some wonderful part of God’s creation that you like and appreciate most……..

Psalm 19 Verses 1 -5

When we look at the sky you have made,
We wonder how big it all is;
The moon and the stars shining there;
How far away can they be?

And we feel so small
Standing here on the ground;
And the sky is so vast,
So high up above

But you make us great,
Make us all just like you.
You give us your world,
Let us give it your love.