Summer 2014

Our statement to live by for week commencing 7th July is….

I stand up for people who are being treated unfairly


First Holy Communion Assembly

On Friday we enjoyed a wonderful assembly by our Year 3 children in all their Holy Communion finery. This was followed by a First Communion party. We are immensely proud of all our Year 3 children for the way they have conducted themselves throughout the whole Sacramental programme and our thanks go to their teachers, Catechists, parents and carers for making the whole year such a success.

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Prayer and Worship with our Chaplains

Following Sacred Heart Feast Day on Friday 27th June our School Chaplains prepared and led a prayer and worship for the whole school. Children and adults were invited during lunch onto the school field were the children had prepared a beautiful scene. The chaplains then read from the bible, led the children in their prayers and asked them to reflect on how we can be more like Jesus by showing love to one another in our school.

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St Peter and Paul Feast Day Mass

We started off the week by celebrating the feast of Saints Peter and Paul with a mass held by Father David of the Spiritans

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First Holy Communion

What a wonderful week for the Sacred Heart Family. On Friday 27th June we celebrated our Feast Day with Mass at church and on Saturday 28th July children in year 3 received First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart RC Church. This was a joyous celebration and as ever we are immensely proud of all of our children both at Sacred Heat and the neighbouring Parishes. . Thank you to the parents, catechists, teachers, governors and all who have supported them on their faith journey through this very special year.


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Our statement to live by for week commencing 30th June is…

I understand the importance of peace

Sacred Heart Feast Day

Friday was a very special day for us as it was the Feast of the Sacred Heart and the children, accompanied by parents and parishioners, attended a beautiful Mass at Sacred Heart RC Church. Children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 came together for a special assembly in the school hall and watched part of the Mass via the web cam.

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Later in the day four of our Key stage 1 children went to visit Fr O’Kane at the presbytery and present him with a lovely card and a plant in celebration of our special day.


Our statement to live by for week commencing 23rd June 2014 is…

I know how to show I am sorry.

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke Zacchaeus was lonely, but then he never expected to be anything else. After all he was a chief tax collector and nobody liked tax collectors. His job was to collect the people’s money for the Romans. Everyone hated him for it, and he paid them back whenever he could by taking too much money and then keeping it for himself. No wonder he was rich! But then that didn’t make him any less lonely. One day, there was a crowd gathered in the streets of Jericho because Jesus was passing through. Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, but he couldn’t because he was a small man. He ran ahead of the crowd and climbed up a sycamore tree. He could see Jesus quite clearly now. Jesus came near the tree, looked up at Zacchaeus and said, “Hurry down, Zacchaeus. I want to stay at your house today.” Zacchaeus couldn’t get down fast enough! His heart was beating fast, he was so full of joy. He could hear some of them muttering and complaining. “He has gone to stay at a sinner’s house,” they said. Zacchaeus looked at Jesus. “ Look, sir,” he said, “I am going to give half my belongings to the poor and if I have cheated anybody, I will pay him back four times the amount.” Jesus smiled at him and said, “I am glad Zacchaeus. This is indeed a happy day for you because I have come to your house today specially to help you change, so that you will please my Father.”   The Gospel of the Lord.


Our statement to live by for week commencing 16th June 2014 is…..

I try to accept forgiveness from others

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke One of the men on the cross made fun of Jesus saying, “If you are a real king why don’t you save us all?” The other man told him to be quiet because Jesus had done nothing wrong. Then he said to Jesus, “Please remember me. Don’t ever forget me” Jesus said, “I will remember you today and you will be with me always” Year 5s visit to Just Youth Salfold On Friday 13th June the children in year 5 went to visit the Spiritans Just Youth Team in Salford. During their visit they learnt how to prepare themselves to be good Year 6 role models.They worked in groups playing games, making posters and having discussions

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St Joseph’s Penny Celebration Mass On Wednesday 11th June Mrs Simpson, Mrs Leeke and 2 of our children attended a special Mass at Salford Cathedral. The Mass was a celebration by Caritas, marking 110 years of St Joseph’s Penny and also a thank you for the contributions families and parishes have made to help change peoples lives.

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The statement to live by for week commencing 9th June is…. I try to forgive people when they hurt me. Matthew 18: 21-22 Peter came to Jesus and said Lord, if another member of the church sins against me, how often should I forgive? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “not just seven times, but, I tell you, 77 times” The Gospel of the Lord When Jesus says, “77 times”, he doesn’t mean that after a person has hurt us 77 times we can then hold a grudge and don’t have to forgive them anymore. No, in biblical language, ’77’ means ‘billions’. It means in number too big to count. In other words, we should always forgive. Sometimes it’s really difficult to forgive other people and God knows this which is why God gives us the Holy Spirit to help us. In the silence of our own hearts let us first of all tell God we’re sorry for the times we couldn’t forgive and then ask the Holy Spirit to be with us to help us in the future……… We would never have the strength to forgive anyone even once, Father in heaven, without the help of your Holy Spirit. Help us to think often of your help and your love when we are in danger of losing patience with others. Through Jesus your Son who showed us how to forgive. Amen.

June is a special month for our school as it is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

O Sacred Heat of JesusWe thee implore, O help us love you more and more.


Year 1s Class Assembly Our year 1 children were brilliant when they presents their class assembly to the whole school and parents/carers They acted out the story of Jesus appearing to Thomas the other disciples.

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Our statement to leave by for week commencing 2nd June is….

I understand what trust means.   A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke Jesus said to his disciples to look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers. … So do not start worrying: Where will my food come from? Or my drink/ or my clothes/ Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. Instead, be concerned about everything else with the Kingdom of God and he will provide all these other things. So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.

Confirmation at Sacred Heart RC Church

Congratulations to all of our children who have now received the Sacrament of Confirmation. We have enjoyed joyous celebrations at Sacred Heart, Holy Family, St Patricks and St John’s churches and are as ever very proud of children. We would like to thank all of the catechists, parents, God parents and teachers who have supported the children and we continue to pray for them as they prepare to receive First Holy Communion. click below to watch Sacred Heart RC Church Confirmation video

May is the month of Mary

On Friday the 9th of May we had a beautiful assembly to Crown Our Lady.  The youngest and eldest children in the school carried the crown and crowned the statue of Mary Our Mother. During May we will ask Mary to pray with us and for us.   105_0252

Our statement to live by for week commencing 12th May is…..

I can recognise comfortable and uncomfortable feelings. Our act of worship today is all about feeling safe and how we all have the right to feel safe all the time. It is about recognising that some feelings we have may make us feel uncomfortable and it is good to share these feelings with people we trust so that we can feel safe. A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke.   Let us praise the God of Israel, for God has visited us and set us free. God has given us a saviour who comes from the family of David, as promised by the prophets long ago.   God promised our father Abraham that we would be free from fear, safe from our enemies so that we could serve God And live in love and goodness all our days.   The Gospel of the Lord. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ. Alleluia Mass As part of our celebration through the Easter season the Spiritans celebrated Mass in the school hall.  The children prepared beautiful prayers and reflections and sang joyful Alleluia…. Alleluia Alleluia.

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Our statement to live by for week commening 5th May 2014 is…

I know when to ask for help and who to ask for help from.

At times in our lives we all need help. We cannot do everything on our own. Sometimes we need to go to others and ask for their help. We are not weak when we do this – often it takes a great deal of courage and effort to ask for help. In this story, which is found in Mark’s Gospel, we hear about some friends who went to a great deal of trouble because their friend needed help.   One day Jesus was teaching the people. The Pharisees and teachers of the law were there too. They had come from every town in Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem. The Lord was giving Jesus the power to heal people. There was a man who was paralysed. Some men were carrying him on a mat. They tried to bring him in and put him before Jesus. But because there were so many people there they could not find a way to Jesus. So the men went up on the roof and made a hole in the ceiling. They lowered the mat so that the paralysed man was lying right in front of Jesus. Jesus saw these men believed and. So he said to the sick man, “Friend your sins are forgiven.” ……………. Jesus said to the paralysed man, “I tell you, stand up! Take your mat and go home.” Then the man stood up before the people there. He picked up his mat and went home, praising God. They were filled with much respect and said, “Today we have seen amazing things!” The Gospel of the Lord

Two New Saints

During our Alleluia day we also celebrated Pope Francis declaring Popes John Paul II and John XXIII saints. He praised the two Popes as ‘men of courage’ . This is the first time in history that two men have been canonised at the same time.



He has Risen Alleluia On Wednesday the 30th April we returned to school following the Easter Holiday and began the day together with a special Alleluia assembly.  The children continued their celebration throughout the day enjoying games and party food.

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