Spring 2015

Our statement to live by for week commencing 9th February is…

I try to use words that make the world a better place.(Pease, sorry, Thank you)


A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke.

One day Jesus went up to Jerusalem and while he was on his way, he went into a little town nearby.

Ten people with a terrible skin disease came out to meet him there, and they moved across to him, saying, “Please help us, Jesus.”

When he saw them, Jesus said, “Go and see the priest.” So they did, and as they were on their  way, their skin was healed. 

One of the ten came straight back to jesus and he praised God at the top of his voice and said to Jesus, “Thank you, Jesus, Thank you very much.”

The other people who had been healed didn’t come back to thank Jesus for helping them.

Jesus said to the man who had said,” Thank you.”

“Didn’t all the others get better as well?

Or have they just not bothered to come and say thank you?

I wonder why you are the only one who came back.

Stand up my friend,” he said.

“God loves you and is  happy for what you have done.”

The Gospel of the Lord.


Year 3 Presentation at Sacred Heart Church

Well done to all our Year 3 children who celebrated their Presentation on Saturday at Sacred Heart RC Church as part of their Sacramental programme; we are very proud of you all.

recconciliation pic


Our Roman Catholic Statement to Live By for week commencing 2nd February is…

I co-operate with others in work and play.

St. Paul was a follower of Jesus; he wrote a letter to his friends in a place called Ephesus and said the following.

Dear Friends,

From now on there’s going to be no more telling lies.

You are going to tell the truth instead.

If you get angry with someone,

I want you to try to become friends again

as soon as you can on the same day.

Don’t lose your temper.

Don’t shout at each other.

Don’t call each other names,

And don’t be spiteful!

Remember you have received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore be friends with each other,

And forgive each other quickly, because God has been quick to forgive you.


Our Roman Catholic Statement to Live By for week commencing 26th January is…

I listen to what you say and I show that I am listening to you.


A reading from the holy Gospel according to Mark

Jesus, Peter, James and John went up a mountain to pray. While they

were there they saw Jesus talking to two men called Elijah and Moses.

Jesus looked absolutely radiant.

He looked wonderful.

Peter said to Jesus, “This is a wonderful place to be. Let’s put up tents”.

Peter hadn’t finished speaking when everywhere clouded over and became dark.

Then they all heard a voice from the cloud saying,

“This is my Son, the chosen one.

Listen to him.”


Year 6 Assembly   New Beginings and Ambitions

On Friday 23rd January our year 6 children presented their class assembly to the school, parents/carers, families and friends. The theme of their assembly was new beginnings and ambitions. We learnt about the children’s hopes for the coming year and their determination to relish every day as a new beginning and to not give up! The children reminded us of the story of the Road to Damascus and how God forgave Saul and he was able to make a fresh start. We remember that when we make mistakes and are truly sorry Jesus will always forgive us.

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Our Roman Catholic Statement to Live By for week commencing 19th January is…

I know we are happiest when we are united.’


Our Roman Catholic statement to live by for week commencing 11th January is …

I know I belong to a community that includes my school.’


Visit to the Crib

Father O’Kane invited our Key Stage 2 children to visit Sacred Heart RC Church so that they could all see the beautiful crib. The children very much enjoyed their visit and it was a lovely start to the new year together.


Epiphany Celebrations

On our return to school the children enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating the Epiphany. They were able to share the brilliant work they have done in their Learning Logs on Journeys with children in other classes. As well as crowning a King for the day in our special assembly the children enjoyed learning more about the Epiphany as well tasting delicious party food!


Our statement to live by for week commencing 5th January 2015 is…

I try to follow our school and classroom rules

A long time before Jesus was born God’s people spent a long time in the desert. They were led by a man called Moses who was very close to God. Moses was worried that God’s people didn’t always live good lives and sometimes they turned away from God. One day Moses and God’s people, the Israelites camped near a mountain called Mount Sinai. Moses climbed the mountain and prayed that God would teach them rules or laws that would bind them together – unite them – as a people. When Moses returned to the people he told them the rules God had given him.


These are the rules God gave the People to help them to live together in love and peace.

Moses climbed Mount Sinai.  He remained on the mountain for a very long time, praying and talking with God.  Then he returned to God’s people and told them God’s Laws, The Ten Commandments.


I am the Lord your God.

Love, serve and praise me.

Keep my name holy.

Keep my day holy.

Love and obey your parents

and those who have charge of you.

Do not kill, do not be angry or bad tempered;

respect and care for yourself and other people.

Do not steal, or cheat or want things

that do not belong to you.

Tell the truth and speak kindly of others.

Do all you can to care for others

and make them happy.

Do all you can to care for other

people’s belongings.