Topic: Religious Life

First Holy Communion Assembly

On Friday we enjoyed a wonderful assembly by our Year 3 children in all their Holy Communion finery. This was followed by a First Communion party. We are immensely proud of all our Year 3 children for the way they have conducted themselves throughout the whole Sacramental programme and our thanks go to their teachers,… Read more »

Statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is… “I know what human dignity means and I show that I respect others”   A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke. Levi was a tax collector.  Tax collectors were not liked by the people. As well as taking taxes for the Romans, they would take extra… Read more »

First Holy Commumion

Over the last couple of weeks our year 3 children received First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart, Holy Family, St Johns, St Gabriel’s, St Vincent’s, and St Anselm’s. These were joyous celebrations and as ever we are immensely proud of all of the children.  Thank you to the priests, catechists, parents, teachers, governors and all who… Read more »

Year Six visit Hindu Temple

On Tuesday our Year 6 children visited The Hindu Temple in Oldham where they learnt all about the Hindu religion, and were given the opportunity to ask questions.   Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is …. understand the importance of peace. A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to John.   Jesus said, “Peace I give to you . My own peace I leave with you . A peace which no-one else can offer, This is my gift to you. Don’t ever let… Read more »

Statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is … I know how to show i am sorry A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke  Zacchaeus was lonely, but then he never expected to be anything else. After all he was a chief tax collector and nobody liked tax collectors. His job was to collect… Read more »

Special Mass – Salford Cathedral

On Thursday 9th June two of our children represented the school at a special Mass at Salford Cathedral to celebrate the work of our family of Catholic schools in supporting St Joseph’s Penny. Our children and families are always extremely generous and this year our school raised £410 which will support families within Salford Diocese…. Read more »

Statement to live by

The statement to live by for this week is… I try to accept forgiveness from others. A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke  One of the men on the cross made fun of Jesus saying, “If you are a real king why don’t you save us all?” The other man told him to… Read more »

Sacred Heart Feast Day

On Friday we celebrated the feast of The Sacred Heart when the children came into school wearing anything red. We also celebrated  with a special assembly and all of the children had an ice-cream treat!  Two of our children visited Father O’Kane where they presented the Parish with a floral gift.

Wardley Hall visit

On Saturday the children making their First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart RC Church were invited by Father O’Kane to visit Wardley Hall in Worsley, the Bishops residency. We are sure that the children will have a very interesting and enjoyable visit and that this will greatly support them on their journey to receiving First… Read more »