Topic: Religious Life

Crowning of Our Lady

October is the month of the Holy Rosary and on Tuesday, at Sacred Heart Church, we celebrated the Crowning of Our Lady. This is always a beautiful celebration and Julia and Callum were chosen to crown the statue.  Our Year 4 children, once again, got to wear their lovely First Holy Communion clothes and the… Read more »

CAFOD/Family Fast Day Assembly

On Friday 2nd October our Pupil Chaplains present a very thoughtful assembly to the whole school for CAFOD Family Fast Day. Our newly appointed Pupil Chaplains from Year 5 greatly enjoyed working with the veteran Y6 Chaplains to lead all of the classes in a Mexican Wave of Colour. The children had been asked by… Read more »

Statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is … I know what ti do if I see anyone being hurt There was once a man going on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho, when robbers set upon him. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him up and left him half dead. A priest happened to… Read more »

Our New Pupil Chaplains

Our new pupil chaplains, who were commissioned by Bishop John Arnold in July, were delighted to receive their new chaplain jumpers this week and are now looking forward to leading their first assembly this Friday.       

This weeks statement to live by

This week statement to live by is …. I can say how I feel. A man by the name of Lazarus was sick in the village of Bethany. He had two sisters, Martha and Mary. The sisters sent a message to Jesus and told him that his good friend Lazarus was sick. By the time… Read more »

This weeks statement to live by

I can say one good thing about myself.   St. Paul who was a famous follower of Jesus wrote a letter to his friends in a place called Corinth. His friends were also followers of Jesus. In the letter he told his friends that God has given us all gifts. There is something that each… Read more »

This weeks statement to live by

Our  statement to live by for week commencing 7th September  is …. We are all special   A reading from the Book of Genesis. God created man and woman. God created them to be like God. They could know and love God. They could know and love one another. God blessed them.      

Statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is… I try to be accepting of others. St. Paul understood this and used the image of the body to help explain to the followers of Jesus how God’s family is just like a body. Everyone is different but everyone is of equal importance. Listen to what he said… Read more »