Autumn 2014

Happy Christmas Father O’Kane

Three children visited Father O’Kane to wish him and our Parish Family a very Happy and Holy Christmas. They gave him a lovely poinsettia and cards made by each of the classes.


Our statement to live by for week commencing 15th December is…

I try to love others as I love myself

When Jesus was asked which was the most important rule he said, “First, love God, Second, love everyone else

as much as your self.

Advent Café

We were delighted to welcome parents/ carers to our Advent Café, which was a lovely opportunity to share and reflect on God’s word as well as to come together at this special time of preparation.

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Celebrations for the new Bishop of Salford

On Monday 8th December, we saw another great moment in the history of the our Diocese, as Bishop John Arnold was installed at the Cathedral as the eleventh Bishop of Salford.  Representatives from across the diocese,including our own parish priest, Father O’Kane attended the ceremonyIn our school we celebrated by learning about the role of the Bishop in our Diocese, Praying for Bishop Arnold , putting bunting up around our school and wearing the colour purple.  Also Mrs McDonald made each child a bun with purple icing.


 Advent Mass at Sacred Heart Church

The children in key stage 2 attended Mass at Sacred Heart Church for the first week of Advent. We are very proud of our children and were delighted that so many people have commented on the exceptional behaviour and reverence in church. The children will continue to prepare for Jesus’ coming in school and they are all trying very hard to keep their Advent Promises by trying to serve others.


Our First Advent Mass

On Thursday the 5th of December Father Patrick celebrated our first Advent Mass in the school hall.  Mrs Dungworth lit the first advent candle on our Advent wreath and the children and staff did readings and presented the offertory.

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Enrolment in the Miraculous Medal

On Sunday at the 11 o’clock Mass  our present Year 4 children who received reconciliation, Confirmation and Holy Communion this year, were presented with the Miraculous Medal by Father O’Kane.


Our statement to live by for week commencing 8th December is …..

Simply things can make us happy

A reading from the book of Ecclesiastes (11: 8 – 10)

It’s good to be alive

When you are young and when you are old.

No matter how long you live,

There is always something you can find to be happy about.

Enjoy every minute of life, young people, and remember God in everything you do.

The word of the Lord

Thanks be to God


Our statement to live by for week commencing 1st December is…

I can work, play,rest and pray each day

Dear Friends,

Help everyone who works hard for you.

Love and respect them for what they do.

Get on well with one another.

Encourage each other to work hard.

Help people who are afraid.

Take care of those who are not very strong.

Be patient with everyone.

Make sure you and your friends don’t try to get your own back.

Always do what is best for you and everyone else.

Most of all be happy and pray every day.

Make sure you say thank you to God and remember that God loves you.

 First Reconciliation at Sacred Heart Church

On Saturday 29th November some of the children from our year 3 class made the first reconciliation at Sacred Heart Church.  It was a wonderful occasion supported by family, friends, The Sacremental Team and the Class Teacher.

recconciliation pic


Our statement to live by for week commencing 24th November is…

I think before I make choices that affect my health.

The Pharisees got together and they tried, as they often did, to trick Jesus. They asked him, “Master, which is the greatest commandment of the ten?” Jesus answered them, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is very like it: You must love other people as much as you love yourself.”


Year 3’s Assembly 

On Friday we did our assembly on Reconciliation.  We looked at the meaning of reconciliation, what it means to us and how we can teach others. Reconciliation is the second sacrament and it means to  heal the sins that we have made.

  • We confess our sins to God knowing truly in our hearts that we have made the wrong choice.
  • We say the ‘Act of Contrition’ and this symbolises our transformation through forgiveness.

O my God, because you are so good.
I am very sorry that I have sinned
against you; and with the help of your
grace I will not sin again.

Some of us will be making our second sacrament, the sacrament of reconciliation , at Scared Heart Church this Saturday 29th November  at 10am


Our statement to live by for week commencing 17th November  is …

I know what human dignity means and I show that I respect others.


Levi was a tax collector. Tax collectors were not liked by the people. As well as taking taxes for the Romans, they would take extra money from the people and keep it for themselves. The only friends they had were other tax collectors, who also cheated the people.

One day Jesus was passing by and he saw Levi sitting in his office. Jesus said to him, “Follow me.” Levi got up, left everything and followed Jesus. He gave a big feast in his house for Jesus. He invited his friends – the other tax collectors. He also invited some other people who weren’t usually invited to dinner. They were outcasts. Respectable people wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

Some important people complained to Jesus’ friends. “Why does Jesus eat with people like this?” they asked. Jesus answered them, “I am here for people who need me.”

Levi became one of the Twelve friends of Jesus. His name was changed to Matthew.

Our statement to live by for week commencing 10th November 2014 is ….

I can tell you how I look after myself.

God created man and woman.

God created them to be like God.

They could know and love God.

They could know and love one another.

God blessed them.

On Tuesday 4th November 2014 Fr Fabian celebrated our whole school Mass on the feast of  All Saints and All Souls Day. Children from  Key 2 read bidding prayer and Key Stage 1 children presented the offertory.



Our statement to live by for week commencing 3rd November 2014

I try to be just and fair.

“It’s not fair” is often something we hear shouted on the playground or in the classroom or even at home. We all know somewhere inside of us that fairness and justice are really important. Unfortunately our world can sometimes be an unjust and unfair place and sometimes even we aren’t just or fair in our dealings with others.

Because God is just and fair God wants us to live just and fair lives too. Pause for a moment and think about how you could live justly and fairly at school today………..

 Things that we see at home or in school are not always just and fair but around the world injustice and a lack of fairness lead to terrible suffering and so we pray for our world.

The statement to live by for week commencing 20th October is…

O try to stand up for myself and others without hurting others.

St. Paul was a follower of Jesus; he wrote a letter to his friends in a place called Galatia. In the letter he told his friends that we must help each other and share each others problems.


My brothers and sisters, if someone is caught doing something wrong, those of you who know better should set them right. But you must do it in a gentle way. And keep an eye on yourselves, so that you will not be tempted, too. Help to carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will obey the law of Jesus.



October is the month of the Holy Rosary

Tuesday was a very special day as we celebrated Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.

The children in Year 4 wore their First Holy Communion Clothes and our special Y3 class joined them for a beautiful service to Crown Our Lady at Sacred Heart RC Church. It was wonderful to see so many of our children and school community there.

During October the children will continue to pray daily to Our Lady and to learn more about how to pray the Rosary.

crowning 2 crowning 1


The statement to live by for week commencing 6th October is….

I know what to do if I see anyone being hurt.

There was once a man going on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho, when robbers set upon him. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him up and left him half dead. A priest happened to pass by, he saw the man lying injured and walked by on the other side of the road.

Then a lawyer came along. He went over and had a look at the man, then he too walked away on the other side of the road.

Next came a Samaritan. When he saw the poor injured man lying in the ditch his heart was filled with pity. He went over to him, poured oil and wine on his wounds to clean them and bandaged them up. Then he helped the man climb up on his own animal and took him to an inn, where he could rest and be looked after. Next day the Samarian gave the innkeeper two silver coins. ‘Take care of him till he’s better,’ he told the innkeeper and when I come back this way, I’ll repay you whatever else you’ve spent on him.’

Jesus ended the story with a question, ‘Which of the three was a neighbour to the man?’