Year 6


The Teacher in Year 6 is Mr Golding and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Brown and Mrs Furlong.

Year 6 is the final year at Sacred Heart School so it is no surprise that some of the most fantastic things happen this year.

During the Autumn term, we will look at the Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England. We will learn about Viking life, listen to music inspired by Viking myths and write Viking sagas. In the second part of the term, we will learn about life throughout the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England. In Science, we will learn how to draw and make a range of circuits and become familiar with the human circulatory system.

During the Spring term, we will look closely at the history of the Parks and Reservoirs in Rochdale. Hopefully, we will combine this topic with an investigatory school trip. Later in the Spring Term, we will look at the countries of the world. We will learn how to make and read maps as well as use them to navigate. We will create art work inspired by the different countries around the world and learn about some of their main environmental regions. In Science we will learn how to classify creatures and how light travels (enabling us to see).

In the Summer term, Year 6 will study the Water Cycle. We will learn how to read, compose and perform music on the glockenspiel. In science, we will be learning about evolution and how different creatures have adapted to their environments. Year 6 will prepare for their residential trip to Robinwood this term. Robinwood will be an amazing experience in which the children will have a great opportunity to complete activities they may have never done before. It is a lot of fun and a brilliant way to end the year as a team.

Y6 Newsletter Spring 2018



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