Year 4


The Teacher in Year 4 is Mrs Price and the Teaching Assistants are Miss Murphy and Mrs Mather.

In Year 4 we study many exciting topics throughout the school year including:

In the Autumn term, we begin the year focusing on the author Roald Dahl, enjoying some of his many famous stories; including George’s Marvelous Medicine and learning songs from some of the musicals such as Matilda. We learn about states of matter, making predictions, asking questions and performing our own tests. We then take a look at electricity and learn to gather and record data in different ways.
In Geography lessons, the children will learn about the eight points of the compass and develop their map skills. They will learn about the continent of Europe focusing on a country of their choice within Europe.
In computing we will focus on staying safe and how computers are networked and how the internet works. We will also develop our computer skills by researching and presenting data linked to our topic work this term.
During the second half of the Autumn term, we look back in time and explore the Roman Empire and design and make our own Wallace and Grommit style inventions.
The children’s art skills will be developed during the term where they will be encouraged to make careful observations and investigate different media in order to present their work.
During the Spring term, we travel through the human digestive system and look in detail at our teeth, comparing them with those of other animals. We also begin to learn about food webs; before going on to investigating how we hear things in our science lessons.
In addition, local parish links will be strengthened as we learn about the history of the Sacred Heart Parish in Rochdale using a wide rand of resources as evidence.
E-safety will remain a focus as we celebrate E-safety day as well as continuing to develop our computing skills during our other lessons.
In DT lessons the children will have the opportunity to invent and make their own healthy recipe.

Later in the spring term, we will be learning about the fascinating (and gruesome) Ancient Egyptians; including looking at their art work and visiting the museum to see mummies at first hand. In music we will listen to music from the shows and learn how to compose our own music and begin to read music.

Finally, the summer term is packed with exciting topics as we investigate living things and their habitats, learn about mountains and rainforests and learn how to code on the computer.

In addition, this year is special for the children as every Thursday the children cannot wait to go swimming!

In Year 4 we will be focusing on the following key skills:
• spelling
• times tables and associated division facts
• handwriting
• reading for pleasure

See the websites listed below for help with these areas
Class Dojo
Check in regularly to see how many points your child has earned so far and to leave positive comments for them.
Useful websites:
Learn your times tables games and tips:
Top Marks Times tables
Maths is Fun
Transum times tables

Generate your own test sheets for times tables:
timestables me

Improve your spelling with these games:
Learning games for kids – spelling
Top marks spelling and grammar

Improve your handwriting:

Letterjoin (see letter for username and password)

Take charge of your own learning:

BBC bitesize KS2
MyMaths – see your teacher for your own password

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