Year 4


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The Teacher in Year 4 is Mrs Price and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Leeke.

In Year 4 we study many exciting topics throughout the school year including:

In the Autumn term, we begin the year celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and enjoying some of his many famous stories; including George’s Marvelous Medicine. We travel through the human digestive system and look in detail at our teeth, comparing them with those of other animals. We also begin to learn about food webs. We then take a look at how living things are classified according to their characteristics and the many different types of habitats that exist.

The children have the opportunity to learn about Rochdale focusing on the Rochdale Canal and the River Roch. In computing we will focus on staying safe.

During the Spring term, we look back in time and explore the Roman Empire. In Science we will be investigating how we hear things and begin to understand the different states of matter.

In Summer we will be learning about the fascinating (and gruesome) Ancient Egyptians. In Science we will learn about electricity and look at alternative sources of energy.

In addition, this year is special for the children as they receive the miraculous medal in church and every Thursday the children cannot wait to go swimming!

In Year 4 we will be focusing on the following key skills:

  • spelling
  • times tables and associated division facts
  • handwriting
  • reading for pleasure


See the websites listed below for help with these areas

Class Dojo

Check in regularly to see how many points your child has earned so far and to leave positive comments for them.

Useful websites:

Learn your times tables games and tips:



Generate your own test sheets for times tables:


Improve your spelling with these games:


Improve your handwriting: (see letter for username and password)


Take charge of your own learning:


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