Year 2



In Year 2 the Teacher is Mrs Baylis and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Hibbert.

Hello! We are Year 2!

It’s fantastic in Year 2. We are fit, fast and funny. We start our year learning about ourselves and how God made us all special and unique. When we have learned all about ourselves, we then begin to change!
We become time travellers and travel back, back, back in time and find out about what dinosaurs, the Royal Family and what it was like in Rochdale a long time ago.
We become scientists by learning about materials and their properties, habitats for lots of different living things and all about Space.
We become authors and write our own stories, poems and information texts.
We become mathematicians and learn how to explain what we know about number problems!
We even become people from Bible stories and find out how they lived.
Of course we do lots of other things too. We read, we have a laugh, we paint and draw, we listen to each other and share ideas. Sometimes we are still and quiet and we take time to talk to God. These are very special times in Year 2.
So come and see for yourself what it’s like in the best class in the school. (Shh don’t tell the other classes)

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