Welcome to Reception Class!



In Reception Class we have lots of fun when we are learning with our teacher, Miss Thickett and Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants Mrs Powell, Mrs Walsh,Miss Maguire and Mrs McCarroll Benfold.
By following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we are given lots of opportunities to explore, investigate and think critically about the world around us through our play. Our teacher listens to what we are interested in and teaches us ‘In the Moment’ by suggesting, encouraging, modelling, asking, pondering, helping or offering additional resources.

We have lots of opportunities to work together with our Nursery friends in our shared provision. This helps us to develop empathy, share our ideas and teach others how to do things. Throughout the year we also work alongside Year 1 and Year 2 to celebrate religious festivals e.g. Diwali, Chinese New Year.
We work inside and out throughout the year so wellies and a warm waterproof coat with a hood are essential.To keep our teacher happy please make sure all items of clothing are labelled

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