Topic: Religious Life

Parish & Deanery Mass

On Thurday 10th March Sacred Heart Church hosted a wonderful Parish and Deanery Event. Eight Priests, one Deacon, the Rev. Richard Howard, concelebrated our Lenten Deanery Station Mass with Bishop Terence Brain. The church was full with people from a number of parishes. Our children from Year 3 who are preparing to receive their First… Read more »

This weeks statement

This weeks statement to live by is…. I can learn from my mistakes and failures.   John 21:1-19 One day Peter and his friends went fishing. They stayed out all night. In the morning they heard a man shouting to them from the shore. It was Jesus – but the followers did not know it… Read more »

Lent Café

Parents, Grandparents, carers, brothers and sisters and friends of Sacred Heart School are invited to come along and enjoy some time together as we explore the season of Lent. Lent Café Poster

Lenten Mass

This weeks Lenten Mass was celebrated by  Fr Patrick and the theme of the Mass was sharing. The children prepared and read some beautiful prayers and reading.

This weeks statement to live by

The statement to live by for this week is… I know that it is ok for me to make mistakes. Reader 2: A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke One day Jesus told his friends a story. There was once a farmer who had two sons. The younger son came to his father… Read more »

CAFOD’s Make a Splash

On Friday we held a non-uniform day asking our children for donations to CAFOD’s Make a Splash campaign. Following this, throughout Lent, we will continue to collect as many 1p, 2p, 5p coins as we can to fill our water bucket.

Year 3 Presentation Assembly

On Friday our Year 3 children presented their assembly to our parents/carers all about Presentation.  This is where the children, who are joining in the Sacramental Programme, are presented to Our Lord as their journey begins. The children were fantastic,acting out and reading their different parts. They also sang a lovely song to finish off… Read more »

This weeks statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is… I co-operate with others in work and play. Jesus gave us a clear example of how we should behave towards each other; in our reading today one of his friends tells us about how we can follow his example.   St. Paul was a follower of Jesus; he… Read more »

Year of Mercy Prayer:

YEAR OF MERCY PRAYER All loving Father, you sent Jesus you Son to show us your Mercy and to teach us how to forgive one another Pour out you Holy Spirit upon us.  Help us to remember that we are all sinners Let this Year of Mercy be a pilgrimage, a journey back to you…. Read more »