Topic: Religious Life

This weeks statement to live by

This weeks Roman Catholic Statement to Live by is “I can tell you how I look after myself.” A reading from the Book of Genesis. God created man and woman. God created them to be like God. They could know and love God. They could know and love one another. God blessed them. The word… Read more »

This weeks statement to live by

The statement to live by for this week is… I understand that rights match responsibility.   A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew One day Jesus was talking to his friends.  He was telling them a parable about how God will judge everyone at the end of time.  The story pictures the king… Read more »

Year 5 Assembly

On Friday our Year 5 children presented the first assembly of this school year, making us think about all the qualities and talents that God has given to each and every one of us.  What are your qualities and talents?  

Crowning of Our Lady

October is the month of the Holy Rosary and on Tuesday, at Sacred Heart Church, we celebrated the Crowning of Our Lady. This is always a beautiful celebration and Emily and Jonah were chosen to crown the statue.  Our Year 4 children, once again, got to wear their lovely First Holy Communion clothes and the… Read more »