Topic: Religious Life

He Has Risen Alleluia

On Wednesday the 30th April we returned to school following the Easter Holiday and began the day together with a special Alleluia assembly.  The children continued their celebration throughout the day enjoying games and party food.  

Year 4 Prayer and Worship

On Wednesday a group of our year 4 children went to Siddal Moor to a Celebration of Faith Day with all the schools from Sacre.  The chidren did a presentation on thier faith, which included, singing, drama, and art work.  The children where fantastic, with some observers commenting on what brilliant ambassadors they were for… Read more »


We pray for all our children who are being confirmed. Holy Spirit help them. Help them to live like Jesus


Reconciliation Year 4 – 6 had the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation with the Spiritans.

Religious Life

Religious Life Will YOU give shelter to the Christ Child this Christmas? Each class has offered shelter to Mary, Joseph and the baby.