Topic: General

Anti Bullying Workshop

The children looked after me when I went to the Anti Bullying workshop with them. It was organised by Rhema theatre company.  We explored name calling and using aggression to get your own way.    

My visit to the Spiritians

Last Tuesday I went with Year 6 to visit the Spiritian. We did lots of different things, I even had a go at meditating  and I really enjoyed myself.  I hope I can go with them again soon.    

End of Year Awards

During the last week of the Summer Term, children from accross the Key Stages were presented with awards . It was very exciting. I thought I was going to get one, but it was  to heavy for my little paws to carry.  (I hope Ansley bear didnt get one.)

Art Club

Art Club meets every Thursday at 3.30pm – 4.30. Each week children have the opportunity to experiment and explore a range of techniques using different mediums. Recently the children enjoyed using silk paint, designing their own patterns and designs and transferring them on to silk.          

All Hallow’s Eve

I was invited to a special assembly to celebrate all the HOLY men and women . Each year Group told the rest of the school about a Saint, I liked St Don Bosco as he liked playing football. We lit lots of candles to help us remember all the Saints. Look carefully and you can… Read more »