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Cinema Night

On Thursday I watched the film Frozen with the children who stayed after school for our cinema night.   All the children sang along to the theme song and I joined in too. I even had some popcorn, Its was great!  

Special Persons Meal

I’m really looking forward to the special persons meal on the 12th of June, lots of mums dads and carers will be coming into school to have dinner with their child. Im going to have my dinner with Mrs Dungworth. Special Persons Meal/ Return Slip  

Planting Poppy seeds with Year 4

During this week the children have been planting poppy seeds in a large poppy shape cut out on our school field. The poppy is to commemorate the anniversary of the first world war. I went with the year four children and I planted my very own seeds.  I can’t wait to see the flowers when they have grown in… Read more »

St Thomas’ Delph

I am a very lucky bear!   When the children from Year 5 went to St Thomas’ Delph to experience Lent, they took me with them.  I joined in with the children as they did lots of Lenten activities. We all had a wonderful time.    

My Lenten Promise

I am working hard to keep my Lenten Promise by saying my prayers every morning and every night. In the morning I say to God, ‘Please help me today to love you more by caring for others. At night I say, ‘Thank you God for today, for my family at Sacred Heart RC Primary School… Read more »

My Week in Year 4

I have had a great time in Year 4 this week.  On Shrove Tuesday I joined in the annual pancake race (but I didn’t win). Then on Ash Wednesday I went to church with the children as they received ashes on their foreheads. Thursday was World Book Day and the children came into school wearing some fantasic… Read more »

Pancake Race

On Shrove Tuesday I joined in with the children at their Annual Pancake Race.  

CAFOD Cinema Night

On Thursday I was invited to the CAFOD Cinema Night in school. It was great! I sat with the children and watched the film Turbo (The children shared their popcorn with me).

My visit to Year 1

Last week I went to visit Year 1, I had so much fun! We sat in our carpet places and Miss Feming let me have my own place by the board. I learnt how to sound out all my words , count backwards from 100 and how my ears work.  I even got to celebrate… Read more »