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Statement to live by

Our statement to live by for week commening Monday24th September is: I can say how I feel. A reading from the holy Gospel according to John. Glory to you,O Lord. A man by the name of Lazarus was sick in the village of Bethany. He had two sisters, Martha and Mary. The sisters sent a… Read more »


PARENTS /CARERS  UNITED AUTUMN Please read our newsletter and try to come along to the workshops – you will be most welcome.

Statement to live by

Our statement to live by for week commencing 17th September 2012 is: I can say one good thing about myself.  

New School Year Mass

On Tuesday 11th September the children, staff and parents came together in our school hall for a Mass to celebrate the new school year. Fr Josephat of the Spiritans served mass and children from Key Stage 1 and 2 did reading, bidding prayers and the offertory.  

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

On the last day of the summer term the whole school came together for a special Year 6 leavers assembly.  It was wonderful, with the children recalling lots of thier special memories from each year of thier school life at Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Feast Day.

Oh! what a lovely day I had in school on Friday 15th June.  This was a very special day as it was the feast day of The Sacred Heart.  I felt honoured to be able to attend the beautiful  mass in the morning and at breaktime the children were all given an ice cream, I didn,t have one because it would have made a mess… Read more »

Chester Zoo

On Wednesday, Year 5 and I were very lucky to have visited Chester Zoo. We had such a wonderful time, despite all the rain. There were so many beautiful animals, although the dinosaurs were a little bit frightening! It was hard to choose which animals were our favourites. Lots of pupils liked the bats flying… Read more »

Feast Day Mass

On Friday 15th June the whole school celebrated  Sacred Heart Feast Day by coming together in our school hall for a special mass with Fr Fabian. Father played the drums to accompany our final hymn.