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All Hallow’s Eve

I was invited to a special assembly to celebrate all the HOLY men and women . Each year Group told the rest of the school about a Saint, I liked St Don Bosco as he liked playing football. We lit lots of candles to help us remember all the Saints. Look carefully and you can… Read more »

Statement to live by

The statement to live by for week commencing 29th October is: I try to stand up for myself and others without hurting others. The way we treat each other is very important.  Just because we are bigger than someone else or feel we are more powerful than them doesn’t mean we can have our own… Read more »

Printing with Mrs Bannon

On Thursday it was Anti Bullying Day and I joined in with the children doing lots of different activities.  I  danced in the hall with Miss Gibson, painted in the Year 3 class with Mrs Gyves and enjoyed cutting, sticking and printing in key stage 1, it was fantasic! Mrs Bannon, one of the school Govenors, came to visit the… Read more »

Our Statement to live by

Our statement to live by for week commencing 15th October 2012 is: I undestand that rights match responsibility.   One day Jesus was talking to his friends.  He was telling them a parable about how God will judge everyone at the end of time.  The story pictures the king sitting on his royal throne with… Read more »

I met an author today!

I went into the school hall today with  Year 3, 4, & 5. We listened to the author Robin Price. He told us all about his books and read some of his latest, Spartipuss.  It was great, except the main character was a cat ( I don’t like cats!) but don’t tell our Headteacher.

Author in School

Today Year 3,4,and 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Author, Robin Price. He talked to the children about all the books he has written,in particular his most recent book, Hail Sparticpuss!  He told them lots of interesting things about writing. Then they  had the opportunity to ask him questions. When he read his book he encouraged the children to… Read more »