This week’s Roman Catholic Statement to live by is:

I know we are happiest when we are united

A reading from the Act of the Apostles

Many people joined the community of the friends of Jesus. They lived every day as they were taught. They lived like members of one big family. They ate together, sharing bread and wine as Jesus had done at the last supper. They prayed together often.

Everyone was amazed at the life they lived. The apostles did wonderful things among the people.
The community of friends shared everything with one another. They sold everything they owned and shared out the money so that each person had what they needed.

Every day they went together to the temple. Every day they met in their houses to break bread together. They happily shared their food with each other, praising God with joy. People were very impressed with the way they lived. Day by day more people joined them. They were totally together as a group….everything was shared.

The word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.