This weeks statement to live by

Our Roman Catholic Statement to Live by is…

“I can work, play, rest and pray each day.”

This reading is taken from one of the letters that St Paul wrote. This one was written to some of his friends who were living in Thessalonica, just north of Greece. Today it is called Macedonia.

Dear Friends,

Help everyone who works hard for you.

Love and respect them for what they do.

Get on well with one another.

Encourage each other to work hard.

Help people who are afraid.

Take care of those who are not very strong.

Be patient with everyone.

Make sure you and your friends don’t try to get your own back.

Always do what is best for you and everyone else.

Most of all be happy and pray every day.

Make sure you say thank you to God and remember that God loves you.


I think Paul is telling his friends in Thessalonica and us to think about what we are doing.  If we work all the time we get too tired; If we play all the time we wont learn anything; each day we should spend some time resting and some time in prayer. Let us pray for ourselves and each other that we will be happy people and have time for work; rest; play and prayer each day.