Rocket Mouse – Science Exploration Project March 2016

As part of our science work this half term, the whole school took part in the ‘Rocket Mouse’ experiment. Every child from Nursery to Y6 took up the challenge to send a mouse to where “no mouse had been before.”

Children had to create their own mouse to rocket ‘into space’ and predict what would happen when they attempted to launch it into the stratosphere. A range of materials were provided for the children to create their mouse from and a selection of bottles were also available for the children to use to launch their mice.

In groups, the children from each class had to make their own decisions about how they made their mouse and what materials they utilized. Next they made predictions about what would happen before carrying out their launch. Children then adapted what they were doing in order to improve the distance that their mouse flew. They were then encouraged to record what they had done in their own ways.

Staff found that the experiment was fully engaging for all pupils across the school and provided a great opportunity for pupils to work on their team work, as well as increase their science skills. Above all it created a buzz for science, which we hope to continue to foster in the coming years and months.

Maybe you could try the experiment at home as a family?  Let us know how you get on – we would love to see any photographs of your work and we could even share them with others.

Watch out for our next generation of scientists!