This weeks statement to live by

This weeks statement to live by is …

I try to be just and fair.

“It’s not fair” is often something we hear shouted on the playground or in the classroom or even at home. We all know somewhere inside of us that fairness and justice are really important. Unfortunately our world can sometimes be an unjust and unfair place and sometimes even we aren’t just or fair in our dealings with others..


Read the words of this psalm from the Bible. The psalm tells us that God is just and fair.

(Psalm 146, adapted)

A Reading from the Book of Psalms:

Praise God my soul!

I will praise God all my life

I will make music to God as long as I live.

God helps us

Our hope is in God

Who made heaven and earth

The sea and everything in it

God is loyal

God is just

God gives food to the hungry

God sets prisoners free

God gives sight to the blind

And comforts all who are unhappy

God protects the stranger,

The orphan and the widow

God reigns for ever!


Things that we see at home or in school are not always just and fair but around the world injustice and a lack of fairness lead to terrible suffering and so we pray for our world.