This weeks statement to live by

I can say one good thing about myself.


St. Paul who was a famous follower of Jesus wrote a letter to his friends in a place called Corinth. His friends were also followers of Jesus. In the letter he told his friends that God has given us all gifts. There is something that each person is good at and we have to discover what that is so we can use our gift to help God’s family. Listen carefully to what he said.


God gives each of us different gifts.

Some are wise; some can explain things well;

some can make people better;

some can make people happy.

It’s like your body.

Different parts have a different job to do.

Each part is different and important.

Your body needs all the parts to work well together.

You need a head to think, eyes to see, hands to hold,

feet to walk, ears to hear.

If your whole body was just an eye, how would you hear anything?

If your whole body was just an ear, how would you smell anything?

Each part is put there by God for a special purpose.

Just as each gift is given to us by God

for us to use.

We need each other

so that everything that needs to be

done is done.