My Week in Year 2

Phew!! What a busy week I spent in Year 2, just before we broke up for half term (I definitely need a rest!).

The start of the week was quite calm as the children taught me all about being a Year 2 superhero. They taught me how to write recipes, improve my handwriting and count in multiples of ten from any number up to 100!!

It was very tricky!

On Wednesday I was invited to take part in Year 2’s Super Soup Off! We all had to bring a vegetable from home and we added this to our team’s soup.

After spending time thinking up team names, soup names and winning extra vegetables in a super healthy quiz, I was allowed to help chop and prepare the vegetables. I had to be very careful; I didn’t want to chop my paws off!

The afternoon was great! It was taste and vote time. The soup was delicious; I didn’t know which to vote for.

On Thursday, ASDA came to visit, bringing lots of healthy treats with them. We learnt about using our senses to explore different foods and the ingredients used to make them. We also had to make a fruit kebab. Yum!

Did you know a banana is shaped like smile?

On Friday I joined all of Foundation stage and Key Stage 1 to celebrate Diwali. I think I saw some parents and carers sneaking about joining and enjoying the fun too!

What a colourful celebration. We made Happy Diwali cards, made rangoli patterns and ………you guessed it……tasted food! The pakoras were very spicy.

During all the business I also found time to give Mrs Hart a big hug and kiss to wish her well in her retirement.

Thank you Year 2 for looking after me so well. You were SUPER!!!

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