Year 1 Trip to Smithills Farm

On Wednesday 2nd July Year 1 went to visit Smithills Open Farm in Bolton.  This term we have been learning all about animals so we thought it would be a great idea to visit some real animals.  We fed the goats, milked the cows, had a donkey ride and even rode on the back of a trailer. It was so much fun!  We saw rabbits, owls, chicks and even seven week old lambs!  We heard that there was a hug snake at the farm but it was shedding its skin so we couldn’t see it.  Miss Janice was glad about that!  The sun was shinning so after dinner we had a play in the park as we waited for the next activity.  There was so much to do there wasn’t time to be bored and when we got on the coach most of us fell asleep!

smithills farm 001 smithills farm 004 smithills farm 007 smithills farm 010 smithills farm 013 smithills farm 018 smithills farm 020 smithills farm 023


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