Statement to live by

Our statement to live by for week commencing 22nd April  is….

I can recognise comfortable and uncomfortable feelings


A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke

Glory to you, O Lord

Let us praise the God of Israel,

for God has visited us and set us free.

God has given us a saviour

who comes from the family of David,

as promised by the prophets long ago.


God promised our father Abraham

that we would be free from fear,

safe from our enemies

so that we could serve God

And live in love and goodness all our days.


The Gospel of the Lord.


Luke is telling us that God wants us all to be safe and that no one has the right to hurt us. It is important that we feel comfortable with all our friends and that we have the right to feel safe all the time. We also need to know where to get help if we ever feel unsafe or if we ever have uncomfortable feelings. God wants us to free from fear and always feel safe. Let’s pray that all children and adults are safe: