Friends Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

In order to celebrate World Book Day, raise funds and gain tips the ‘Friends’ are putting together a ‘Sacred Heart Recipe Book’. We hope the book will contain everyone’s favourite dish, from Grandma’s perfect sponge to mum’s speedy tea and Dad’s full breakfast. We would also like to hear any ‘tips’ you have to help make life easier ie how to get stains off the chopping board, how to stop an egg bursting when you boil it etc and any cute quotes your children have made.

Please send in your tried and tested recipes, tips and quote with your name either by email to or by letter to the school office.  If possible please provide a photograph of the dish already prepared or of your child making or eating the dish, undertaking the tip so we can illustrate the book.

We hope that the book will incorporate all the different cultures and nationalities that we are lucky to have in the school. The recipe can be for a starter, main course, dessert or even a child friendly favourite snack.

We plan to have the book ready to launch for sale at our forthcoming Summer Event on the 27th June 2013 ‘Sacred Hearts Food Festival’. So come on, share your tips with us and help us improve our children’s diets, our weekly menu’s and make life easier.

Thank you for your continued help.

The Friends of Sacred Heart