Statement to live by

Our statement to live by for week commencing 11th February 2013 is…..

I try to appreciate the beauty and the wonder of the world around me. 

A long time ago some people looked at the world and all the things in it and thought it was so wonderful they wanted to praise God for all that God had made They made up songs and poems called psalms to show the wonder and awe of God’s beautiful world.  

When we look at the sky you have made,

We wonder how big it all is;

The moon and the stars shining there;

How far away can they be?

And we feel so small

Standing here on the ground;

And the sky is so vast,

So high up above

But you make us great,

Make us all just like you.

You give us your world,

Let us give it your love.

The world and all the beautiful things in it are a gift – a very precious gift, from God to all of us. Let us during this week go out and look closely at some of the wonderful things there are to see in the world, a little flower, an enormous tree, a wiggly worm, birds flying in the sky and the colours everywhere. Don’t forget to thank God for these wonderful things. You may like to draw a picture of some of them and put them around your prayer table.